What is the effect of sexual abstinence? The causes

sexual abstinence

Sexual abstinence can be voluntary, but it can also be the result of health problems or misunderstandings arising in the relationship between two people. Read what sexual abstinence can do in men and women, find out if the effects of sexual abstinence can only be negative and what is the relationship between sexual abstinence and testosterone levels.

Sexual Abstinence in the 21st Century? This wording seems to be an oxymoron – after all, in the era of universal contraception and much more sexual freedom than few decades ago, it seems almost non-existent. And yet we find people who voluntarily make decisions about sexual abstinence and those who benefit from independent causes. These groups are not as small as it might seem – from the report “Sexuality of Americans 2018” prepared by prof. Richard  Allison  shows that 27 percent of Americans were not sexually active during the year preceding the survey. What’s more, only 45 percent of respondents say that sex plays an important role in their lives.


Sexual abstinence: causes

So what are the reasons for sexual abstinence? For centuries, one of the most important is the issue of faith. The prince in the Catholic Church lives in celibacy to devote himself completely to God, while the Hindu Brahmacharya (which can be called the equivalent of celibacy) is practiced in order to achieve inner peace. It also happens, although less often, to support premarital marriages – as we learned from the report “Sexuality of Americans 2018”, only 5 percent of Americans think that it is appropriate. The most common problems of faith are also sexual abstinence on fertile days – Catholics who want to avoid using prohibited means other than natural contraception rely on the calendar of fertile days and do not coexist on certain days of the month.

The cause of sexual abstinence are also health problems or the postnatal period. Dysfunctions such as men’s erectile dysfunction or discomfort, such as a dry vagina in women, may contribute to rejection of sexual activity. Important changes in life: the birth of a child, death of a loved one, and a big professional problem cause that partners focus on other issues outside sex. A very important reason for sexual abstinence is also the lack of emotional connection between partners or conflicts between them.

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