What effect does meldonium have on erection?

Meldonium can rightly be called the most sensational drug in the past year. About him do not know except that babies and completely insensible children, and the adult part of the population, who had never heard of the preparations with this chemical substance, already up and down studied the instructions for using this “doping”. In this regard, a fair question arose – if Mildronate can increase the endurance of athletes, does it have the same positive effect on men, or more precisely on their ability to have sex for a long time and efficiently?

What is Meldonium
How does meldonium affect the body?
What happens to potency when taking meldonium
A little bit about contraindications


Mildronate allows for greater endurance for the body

What is Meldonium

To understand whether meldonium has at least some effect on the potency, it is better to get acquainted with this compound. Initially, it was created as an additive to the nutrition of birds, in particular, chickens grown on poultry farms in Western Europe and America. The main task of Meldonium in this case was to activate the growth of muscle mass and accelerate puberty in birds. That is, the compound was a synthetic “accelerator” of all processes in the body.

Later it was found that this substance helps to restore metabolic processes at the cellular level during excessive physical exertion or in stressful situations. Having conducted additional studies and convinced of the positive effect of Meldonium on metabolism and energy metabolism, it was decided to create a drug for humans – Mildronata.


How does meldonium affect the body?

Rumors that meldonium affects the potency are not unreasonable. Of course, we can not talk about the incredible effect, when a man can tirelessly have sex for a day without a break – this is virtually impossible due to the physiological characteristics of the person. Nevertheless, the positive effect on the male body is confirmed officially.

The drug lowers the heartbeat

This is achieved through the following changes that occur after taking the drug Mildronate and its synonyms:

  • heartbeat becomes more rare, but at the same time increases the cardiac output, thereby increasing stamina in men;
  • cells of all organs, especially the brain and heart, have less need for oxygen due to changes in the speed and volume of carbohydrate absorption and changes in cell wall permeability for fat cells;
  • increased blood flow to the organs that need additional energy supply;
  • the process of energy recovery at the cellular level is stabilized, so that the feeling of fatigue goes several times faster, and stressful situations no longer affect the body so destructively.
  • In addition to all of the above, meldonium actively contributes to the enhancement of immunity due to the activation of metabolic processes in the human immune system. Even if a man has problems with any inflammatory or infectious diseases, they are much faster when taking Mildronat.

Reception of Meldonium contributes to the rapid recovery of the body with fatigue

Looking at such an impressive list of positive effects on the body, it becomes clear why meldonium was considered a doping agent and was forbidden to be taken by professional athletes. The fact is that this connection really helps them to become faster and stronger. And it is absolutely clear that this influence extends not only to the limbs, the heart and the brain, but also to other organs, including the sex organs.


What happens to potency when taking meldonium

Contrary to the expectations of men, Mildronate can not have a direct effect on potency, that is, it is not a stimulator of erectile function, and certainly does not increase the sensitivity of erogenous zones. Nevertheless, it is increasingly being spoken of as an excellent means for enhancing erection. The secrets of such an influence on the sexual sphere of men are very simple:

  1. Due to the strengthening of metabolic processes in the body, the forces recover faster. In short, even with physical fatigue, a man becomes more resilient and can continue to have sexual intercourse longer, as well as start a new one after a short rest.
  2. Due to the most ergonomic distribution of energy in the body of a man, an erection becomes more stable and comes faster even with little stimulation.
  3. By improving brain activity, sensations obtained during orgasm become brighter.

Mildronate, in contrast to the classic potency stimulants, do not have a negative effect on other organs, especially on the cardiovascular system. That is why it is possible to use means with meldonium even in the presence of pathologies of the heart.

Receiving Meldonium allows you to achieve a brighter orgasm due to better brain performance

It is also noteworthy that the described compound is not addictive, and even less addictive. It is completely eliminated from the body in 12 hours, while the man’s confidence in his own sexual power remains with him much longer. It does not affect its effectiveness and alcohol, which, again, favorably distinguishes Mildronate from the same Viagra (it is known to have side effects when taken in conjunction with alcoholic beverages and certain medications).


A little bit about contraindications

Despite the visible benefits for potency, meldonium can still trigger heartbeat changes and allergic reactions. Approximately 1% of men who decided to use the tool to strengthen male potential, appeared excessive irritability or insomnia.

After taking meldonia, insomnia may appear

The group of persons who are not recommended to use funds with meldonium include:

  1. young men up to 18 years (due to the difficulty to predict possible failures in the work of not fully formed organs);
  2. pregnant women (the substance easily penetrates into the fetus and can change the metabolic process and in him);
  3. allergy sufferers who have had atypical reactions to meldonium.
  4. Despite the very positive feedback and relative safety of Mildronate, it can only be used as a potentiality enhancer after consulting a doctor.

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