Top 5 exercises for shapely and highlighted buttocks


A beautiful and round butt would like to have each of us. We have already said goodbye to the complex of “too big” buttocks that we used to have a long time ago – today the vast majority of girls wants to do just that and will do everything to train them. Dead strokes, squats, and excerpts – these exercises for lifting the buttocks are on the top today. Which of them are, however, the best and will give us the fastest results? We answer and present 5 of them.

The fashion for large, round and raised buttocks was started by Kim Kardashian, later by Jen Selter (popular mainly on instagram), and a few other stars from overseas. Today, in the fight for a shapely ass, crowds of girls are struggling to look just like American celebrities who can boast fuller shapes below the waist. How do you train your buttocks? Below you will find the 5 best exercises that will give you the fastest and the best results. Enter two of them for your daily training, then repeat each after 30 seconds in three series (15-20 repetitions in series). Ready? Well, we start exercising to raise the buttocks.

1. Exercise using the stabilization ball
What you do: back muscles of the thighs, buttocks, lower back


Start by lying on your back. Straight legs lie on the ball, hands are lying along the body at this time. Then lift your hips up and bend your knees by moving the ball as close as possible to you, then straighten your legs again. Repeat the move for 30 seconds. Remember the straight back and tension of the abdomen. It hurts, we know, but it works!

2. Leg dislocations up
What you exercise: bottom, lower part of thighs


This classic exercise is a fantastic way to lift your buttocks. If you can, it’s best to buy the so-called hares, or weights that you can attach to your ankles. Begin by setting yourself up on all fours (straight back), then lift the right right leg back and up slightly, then make pulsating movements up and down. Repeat the movement for both legs for 30 seconds. Remember to tighten the abdomen.

3. Squat jump
What you do: front thigh muscles, buttocks


Stand straight, legs shoulder width apart. Make a squat (back straight, remember that your knees do not go in, pupa low), and then quickly and quickly jump up (you can clap your hands above your head), then return to the starting position and the next squat. To increase the intensity of this exercise, instead of jumps you can simply perform a light pulse torn off the ground and a quick return to the squat. This way you will feel both thigh and butt exercises!

4. Bridge
What you exercise: buttocks, spine


Lie on your back, rest your feet on the ground, put your hands to your ears and rest your hands on the floor. Then push the body and hips up, creating a figure resembling an inverted “U”. Stay in this position for a few seconds and leave the body to the ground. Repeat this exercise for 30 seconds, but be careful not to overload the spine. Measure your strength for intentions!

5. A short walk
What you do: thighs, buttocks


Stand straight, equipped with dumbbells (they can be up to 3 kilograms). Make a deep glance on the right leg (do not regret yourself, love, let it be sealed), then deliver the hind leg and stand straight to momentarily take a left foot step. Remember about straightened back, hands with weights lowered along the body, belly and taut bum. Do not hesitate and try to keep your balance both at the moment you make the lead and when you get your feet to your feet. Not fast, but exactly! Good luck!

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