7 proven face treatments or how to get back in shape after winter

Winter, it is not a merciful time for our skin. Low temperatures, no sun and staying in heated rooms, are not conducive to its good condition. And it shows. Therefore, it is good to treat yourself to revitalization and renewal right now – in the spring. We checked the best treatments that can be found in beauty salons.

1. Laser

After such a “shot” of the laser in the dye accumulated under the skin, the spots darken even more so that after a few days they start to leave together with the gently exfoliating skin. The photo-pulses activate the process of removing the accumulated melanin and as a result the discolorations disappear. The specialists advises to combine the laser treatment with, for example, a vampire lifting. – It is best to combine the treatment with richly platelet plasma, then the effects are sensational that such a set accelerates the healing and greatly improves the effect of the treatment.

Of course, this is not the only laser application. It can also remove wrinkles or thicken the skin. However, before we proceed, it is a good idea to go to a dermatologist to diagnose the problem and take an effective solution.

2. Korundowa microdermabrasion

It’s a real vacuum cleaner for the skin – it will clean up all the dirt and callous epidermis, leaving the face “ragged” with old skin full of impurities. Not only does it cleanse perfectly, it also rejuvenates and reduces fine wrinkles. Although it is best to perform a whole series of such treatments, the first time you will feel the difference – for example when applying a daily moisturizing cream. Thanks to the micro-dermabrasion, the cream will be literally eaten by cleansed skin pores.

What does the treatment look like? In underpressure, using a corundum of sterile crystals, the entire face, as well as the neck and cleavage, is peeled. The crystals hit the skin with high speed, rub the dead cells of the epidermis and suck them into a separate container. Such stimulated skin stimulates the growth of new cells, the production of collagen and elastin at the level of the dermis. Although after the treatment we have an irritated skin, after a few hours redness disappears, and after a few days the skin gently begins to exfoliate slightly. Effect?

Smooth and even skin, correcting facial contours and reducing small wrinkles. The treatment is worth repeating several times a year.

3. Needle mesotherapy

This is the favorite method of cosmetic masochists. Of course, it’s a joke, because you do not have to have a high pain threshold to qualify for the procedure. The whole procedure involves injecting a mesotherapy needle, small doses of vitamin cocktails, mixtures based on medical hyaluronic acid, and even just the acid itself.

The substances are applied directly to the skin, which in a spectacular way in a short time, will improve the condition of the treated area of ​​the body. Depending on the needs, we set the type of mixture with the cosmetologist, which will then introduce the substance into the subcutaneous layer.

Although the effect is already visible after the first treatment, it is best to repeat it in 4-5 series. This gives the best results. There is one drawback: this treatment strongly depends on smooth and beautifully taut, fresh skin.

4. Dermapen

– This is the best treatment that I have had the opportunity to do, and I do a lot of them – reveals us a regular visitor of beauty salons. Hana, who repeats Dermapen on average every 2 months, can indeed boast excellent skin, even in the sauté version, i.e. without makeup. The treatment not only improves the skin tone, but also cleanses and removes discoloration.

Dermapen is a bit like a laser. Punch the skin to stimulate regeneration through micro-destruction. The principle is the same as with laser treatments, with the fact that the traditional laser is much stronger. It is not used to introduce the preparation only to stimulate collagen and repair the skin. The skin will be thick and will be the effect of a cool, clean and youthful complexion.

The device equipped with micro-spinning needles, performs punctures automatically, and not “manually”, which makes the treatment very precise. So stimulated and loaded with vitamins skin, it begins to produce collagen and elastin, which gives better density and elasticity of the skin. – For me number one – recommends Hana.

5. Vampire facelift

The most bloody of treatments available in beauty salons, became famous thanks to Kim Kardashian , who in her reality show, showed how the doctor allows, enter his plasma, straight under the skin. Vampire facelift is an excellent and safe way to invade skin rejuvenation and regeneration. The effect is immediate. The skin immediately after administration is like new. – After 3 to 4 weeks, the stimulation of collagen begins. The growth factors implied at the application site begin to stimulate our fibroplasty for production purposes. The operation is much longer than in the case of regular mesotherapy. Here, the production of collagen lasts up to three months and the skin gradually looks better.

Platelet rich plasma, which is taken from the interested person to special tubes, placed in the so-called a centrifuge that mixes blood. The platelets are then separated from the other substances and concentrated in the plasma. The concentrate is injected just under the skin, in selected places or on the entire face. Such a bloody cocktail, resumes the production of new collagen and blood vessels in the face and regenerate the skin.

It’s a good idea to do this in a series, every 4-6 weeks, and then once every four months, to maintain the effect. This is not only better quality and thickening of the skin, but also the shallow fine lines and significant improvement of the face oval. Shortly after the procedure, we will look a bit spooky for a while, but it’s really worth it.

6. Hyaluronic acid

Favorite star filler has gained popularity not less than the notorious botox. And rightly so, because unlike the botulism of the paralyzing part of the face, it occurs naturally in our body and used in moderation does not cause a mask effect. With age, the amount of naturally occurring acid decreases, causing wrinkles, the skin becomes sagging and the face loses a tight contour.

Thanks to this, we will fill wrinkles , furrows, model the whole face contour, and even non-surgical ones, we will get rid of the ugly nose on the nose. Actually, there are no restrictions on the use of acid. It is hypoallergenic and if it is applied under the supervision of an experienced doctor, it will give us better results than a scalpel. The effect is immediate and lasts from 6 to 12 months, depending on the substance used. Swelling after surgery disappears after about 2 days, but sometimes there are edema, then the recovery period lasts a bit longer.

7. Chemical peeling

This is an offer for those who do not like needle treatments. In the offer of beauty salons we have a wide base of strong peels, which will give the effect of the best filler. You only need a little more time, because the best effect is obtained after a few series – of course, depending on the power of such acid.
After chemical peeling, we need a few days to exfoliate the skin, but after that the skin is like new.
After chemical peeling, we need a few days to exfoliate the skin, but after that the skin is like new. 

The best effects are provided by medical peels, ie those that are performed under the supervision of an expert entitled to do so. The so-called chemabrasion is dosed in terms of the desired effect and the individual needs of our skin. Apart from the weaker ones, which I personally do not recommend, because you can do them yourself at home, it is worth trying those that reach into the deeper layers of the skin. They consist of deep exfoliation of the skin and depending on the preparation used, on strong revitalization, skin firming, color alignment or regulation of sebum production and narrowing of sebaceous glands. Unfortunately, the stronger the peeling, the greater the risk of side effects. In addition, it must be remembered that up to a week after the treatment, our skin will look ugly. But what will later emerge from under the old skin is worth every price.


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