The bruises under the eyes – causes, diseases that can be a sign


The bruises or dark circles under the eyes are a cause of concern for many people. They are a serious discomfort because they make the face look older and tired. The bruises under the eyes are not just an aesthetic problem – in some cases they are a symptom of the disease.

The bruises under the eyes often appear after a sleepless night, working hard at the computer, may also be a symptom of the disease.

Diseases and disorders that can cause dark circles under the eyes.

Where are the bruises under the eyes coming from?

The bruins under the eyes can be brown, gray, yellow or blue-purple. The main factors conducive to the formation on the bruises under the eyes: genetic conditions, the natural aging process, lifestyle (eg, lack of adequate sleep) and disease. Often, for example, in people with dark complexion, dark circles around the eyes can be seen.

The bruises under the eyes are an inherited trait, but rather we have no way of getting rid of the problem in an effective way. Similarly, when the bruises under the eyes are the result of aging. The skin around the eyes is extremely delicate and thin. With age, it becomes even thinner, making the blood vessels underneath it more visible and create characteristic shades.

Under the eyes, bruises often appear after a sleepless night, many hours of computer work or periods of high stress. In this case they will disappear automatically after rest. It is enough to provide the body with a continuous eight-hour sleep or a relaxing walk in the fresh air. Fighting with shadows under the eyes, you must eliminate stimulants (alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine).

The bruises under the eyes may also be a symptom of the disease. If they persist or get worse and are accompanied by other symptoms (eg headache or pollakiuria), a doctor should be consulted.

Diseases and disorders that can cause dark circles under the eyes


The bruises under the eyes, paleness of skin and mucous membranes may be indicative of anemia, which is often a sign of malnutrition. The accompanying symptoms are: lack of appetite, weakness, concentration disorders, headaches and dizziness, increased heart rate. With such symptoms it is necessary to perform a blood count. Check the disease atlases to know what causes bruises under your eyes.

Diseases of the liver and gallbladder

Eye shadows taking on a yellow color may indicate diseases of these organs. If we additionally feel a bitter taste in the mouth, we have bloating and gas, nausea, headache (especially over the eyes) or between the shoulder blades, fatigue and insomnia – these symptoms should be consulted with a doctor.


One of the characteristic symptoms of this disease is violet erythema with edema in the area of ​​eye sockets (alleged glasses). This is accompanied by muscle weakness within the hips, shoulders and neck, weakening of the respiratory muscles. There is general weakness, elevated temperature and weight loss.

Thyroid disease

Under the eyes, bruises can occur in both hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. In addition, there is a feeling of coldness, fatigue, drowsiness, depression, memory disturbances, slow heart rate, dry skin and nail fragility. In the case of hyperthyroidism palpitations, shortness of breath, feelings of excessive heat and nervousness appear.

Diseases of the pancreas

Dark color of the corners of the eyes may indicate improper work of the pancreas. A typical symptom of pancreatic diseases is abdominal pain. Unfortunately, the pancreas is an organ that late “gives you know” about abnormal functioning and usually the disease is already in an advanced stage.

Kidney disease

Dark circles under the eyes may be a sign of poor kidney function. If you additionally have swelling (face, feet, knees), pain in the lumbar area, insomnia, tiredness – a doctor’s appointment is necessary.

Inflammation of the nasal mucosa

The bruises under the eyes in this case are the result of venous blood stasis, which is caused by mucosal edema. The so-called allergic eye shadow.


Diabetes can also cause bruises under the eyes. The patient also feels increased thirst, weakness, and has pollakiuria. Uncontrolled diabetes leads to damage to many organs.


Sinuses appearing periodically may indicate inhalation or food allergy. It should be observed in which periods appear or after consumption, what foods. See allergy medications that will help eliminate bruises under the eyes.

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