Stretching in a nutshell. Stretching exercises for beginners

Stretching is a form of physical exercise that allows you to stretch your muscles. It works best for people who have a sedentary lifestyle. What is worth knowing about stretching? What exercises to do during training. We check how stretching works on particular muscle parts and present the best exercises.

Stretching – general characteristics
Stretching is an English word for stretching. This is a special type of exercise that uses breath and relaxation of the body as the most important factors relaxing man. Stretching is usually practiced with quiet music.

Stretching classes conducted by the trainer can take place in one of three groups: for beginners, intermediate or advanced. A lot depends on the condition of the participants and practiced by physical activity.

Stretching – effects
The stretching effects are multidimensional. First of all, it makes all muscles more flexible thanks to stretching exercises. In addition, it increases joint mobility. A noticeable change, especially in women, is the silhouette slimming. However, this does not always mean weight loss, more often the effect applies to muscle stretching. Thanks to this, you can reach for clothes in a smaller size in a short time. Training also allows you to relax, which affects the mood of the practitioner.

Stretching – how to do exercises
Regardless of the level of advancement, stretching exercises should be performed very slowly and in full concentration, so as to obtain the best results. In addition, before we start training, we need to do a few minutes warm-up (just jog or jump) – this is important to avoid injury during stretching exercises.

Doing stretching at home is also worth remembering to deal with individual muscle groups in turn. Training can get tired, but it should not be painful.

Stretching for beginners – exercises
One of the simplest stretching exercises for beginners is stretching the back. All you have to do is stand at your feet so that your feet are in line with your hips. Keep your hands pointing up. Alternately, we stand on tiptoe and feet, simultaneously pull the palms slightly up. Exercise should be repeated at least 5-10 times. Another simple exercise is to raise the legs to a height of 10 cm from the supine position at the maximum tension of the lower limb muscles.

In addition to these exercises, we can choose dynamic stretching, which includes rompers, jumping rope or running in place.

Stretching – who will be the best for whom?
Stretching is a good form of activity for people who do not move much every day because of their sedentary lifestyle. In addition, the training allows you to relax and de-stress, so it will be a great way to fight stress. Often, we can do two forms of training side by side – stretching and pilates, which will allow you to scratch your muscles nicely and slightly slim your figure.

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