9 tricks with shadows and eyeliner for different eye shapes


Seductive smoky eyes, elegantly curled lines, discreet nude shadows – here are a few variants of classic makeup. But maybe it is worth risking more colors and shapes? Eyes should be the most important!

Each eye is different – tricks for different shapes and defects
Eyes big, small, with drooping corners … Each eye is different. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. The first should be corrected with make-up, the latter – thanks to it accused. How to make it look even more out of your eyes? Our tricks are presented below.

1. Big eyes: underlining!

The large eyes are enough to emphasize with a white pencil placed on the waterline of the eye or eyeliner.


2. Small eyes – we enlarge visually!

To make your eyes look bigger with your make-up, try out some tricks. First of all, use a clear eyeliner on the bottom line of the eye’s eye so that the protein is enlarged and the whole eye is optically opened. You should not paint thick strokes! They close and reduce the eyes.


3. Underlining the almond shape of the eye

Do you have eyes shaped like almond? You are lucky! It’s the perfect shape of the eye. You can wear different lines painted with eyeliner, narrow and thick … Your eyes are made for this.


4. Eyes closely embedded – tricks

Thanks to these tricks, you will add some space to your eyes and fool you with optically looking at you. You need to emphasize the outermost corners, and apply the eyeliner only on the outer edges of the eyelash line. Place a bright and shiny shadow in the inner corners. Outside – darker. If you want to use eyeliner, put it only in the outer corners.


5. Eyes widely spaced – tricks

Principles are opposite than in the case of eyes closely embedded. Wrap the inner corners darker. Draw a deeper line in the middle of the eyelid, letting the thin line out.


6. Deeply embedded eyes

To visually extract them, you should accentuate the entire eyelid with a light shadow. When applying eyeliner, pay attention to avoid black color in favor of brown, olive, green and anthracite.


7. Drooping eyelids

The falling eyelids are the enemy of the majority of the over. When the upper, movable part of the eyelid begins to fall, we look tired and older than in reality. However, there are tricks that can reverse this effect. First of all, apply a light shade to the upper eyelid, and darker in its refraction. Unfortunately, drooping eyelids make the eyes appear smaller. Properly applied eyeliner will make the look “wake up”. It is necessary to paint a thin line that should expand outwards.


8. Smoky eyes

They never go out of fashion. They seduce, they are mysterious, they are perfect for great exits.


9. Eyeliner – it’s easy!

Cat’s eye, wing of a swallow or a graphic shape … The perfect line painted with an eyeliner is a make-up to a new level.


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