Erectile Dysfunction: сauses and symptoms

Problems with potency in men can occur at any age. Recently, erectile dysfunction is diagnosed not only in mature men, but also in young people aged 23-30 years. Why it happens? A lot of factors affect the state of male potency. So, stress, unhealthy lifestyle, unfavorable environmental situation in the region of residence, and concomitant diseases lead to its oppression. Self-treatment of erectile dysfunction is strictly prohibited. Only a doctor will be able to identify the root cause of the pathology, and eliminate it. 
Otherwise, complications can occur in the form of persistent impotence, male infertility.

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Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Problems of this kind, in most cases, are observed at a young age. It would seem that health allows you to have an active sex life, but something interferes. So, erectile dysfunction occurs in young people 22-30 years. All of us are subject to daily stressful situations. That stress has an impact on the work of the whole organism. Suffering and sexual function. Regular conflicts and tension inhibit the function of the central nervous system. And the signals, the pulses received during the excitation are simply not processed. The appearance of an erection is impossible. It is enough just to eliminate the root cause, and the potency will very quickly recover.

Other psychological reasons include the following factors:




Excessive mental and physical stress;

Bad first sexual experience;

Unfavorable environment for sexual intercourse;

First meeting syndrome;

Failure expectation syndrome;


Dissatisfaction with the sexual partner.

The lack of proper rest is extremely negative for male strength. First of all, you need to normalize sleep. Indeed, in specific periods of time during sleep occurs the most active production of testosterone. This explains the fact that a man has spontaneous night or morning erections. If the body is awake at this time, the synthesis does not occur. Secondly, to normalize the work of the nervous system you need to give the body rest. Therefore, it is enough to adjust the mode of work and rest for the resumption of their sexual life.


Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction develops gradually. And the bright symptoms begin to appear already at the extreme stages. Therefore, it is very important to listen to all changes in the body. 

Doctors divide the manifestations into several types:

Libido impairment;

Erectile dysfunction;

Impaired ejaculation;

Lack of orgasm;

Oiled orgasm.

Depending on the type of erectile dysfunction, various symptoms appear. Violation of libido is very common in the case of unstable psycho-emotional background. So, with stress and overwork in men, sexual desire and desire decrease. Depressed does not have to intercourse. And the nervous system in such conditions does not relax. Libido can be increased by rest, vacation, changing the situation.

In all other cases, the symptoms of erectile dysfunction occur due to organic disorders. So, vascular diseases manifest as weak erections, unstable erections. Full sexual intercourse with the introduction of the penis is impossible. One of the symptoms of erectile dysfunction can be considered premature ejaculation. To date, the exact time has not been set, which must pass before the ejaculation process. On average, 2 minutes of intercourse is the norm. Therefore, if ejaculation occurs immediately after the introduction, or even before sexual intercourse, erectile dysfunction occurs.

No less dangerous can be called the absence of ejaculation. Some young people try to delay the ejaculation process, wanting to deliver the maximum pleasure to their partner. Do not do this. Doctors say that the absence of ejaculation within 1-1.5 hours of sexual intercourse indicates erectile dysfunction. The danger of this phenomenon lies in the fact that the risk of the emergence of such a disease as priapism increases. Rarely, but there are also male orgasmic disorders. It may be completely absent or short, dim. In this case, we have to talk about psychological disorders.


Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction with Medicines

Before starting treatment, it is worth undergoing a comprehensive diagnosis. The andrologist, urologist, and sexopathologist deal with this problem. Sometimes, consultation and the psychologist is required. Only after all the tests have been completed and the root cause is established, can effective therapy be started. It is worth noting that with the timely identification of problems with erection, treatment is quick and successful.

Sometimes, it is enough just to eliminate the underlying disease so that the potency recovers on its own. This applies to inflammatory diseases, sexually transmitted diseases. Very often, both men and women are diagnosed with chlamydia, trichomoniach, gonorrhea, which affects sexual activity and possibilities. After a course of treatment, as a rule, with broad-spectrum antibiotics, for some time the potency returns.

If the cause of the disease was hormonal failure, the specialist prescribes hormone replacement therapy. Testosterone can be used in the form of tablets, and put injections. The doctor makes a decision on the form of the drug. To restore and maintain an erection, you can use these drugs:



Levitra ;




It is important to know that all these drugs are taken only as prescribed by the doctor. The drug Viagra is very popular. An erection occurs 40-60 minutes after use. A positive result persists for 4-5 hours. Not less popular can be considered Cialis. Many men prefer this particular remedy, as its effect is much higher. Thus, the effect occurs within 15 minutes after application, and the result lasts as much as 36 hours. During this period, a man can have sexual intercourse, and they will be successful.

In case of poor vascular patency, doctors may prescribe special injections, which are made immediately before sexual intercourse in the penis. Also, it is possible and surgical intervention. During the operation, the impassable area is simply removed, venous tone is restored. But in this case, there is a risk of formation of adhesions, which will later return to erectile dysfunction.



For full-fledged work of the urinogenital system of men, the quality and diet are important. The body of a young person should receive daily iron, zinc, selenium, potassium, calcium, vitamins A, E. Therefore, the diet should consist of the following products:



Spring onions;

Sour cream;


Chicken eggs (protein);

Dietary meats;



So, zinc and selenium will increase testosterone production. Iron helps to improve blood quality. Potassium is extremely important for strengthening the walls of blood vessels, which significantly reduces the risk of atherosclerosis. In turn, you need to give up junk food, which provokes hormonal disorders, obesity. Thus, fatty meat, a large amount of smoked meat, salt, sugar, alcohol, pastries and sweets are banned.

Of alcoholic beverages, vodka, gin and tequila are dangerous for men. And by many, their favorite beer turns the hormonal background of a man into a woman at all. The fact is that hops, from which beer is made, are rich in phytoestrogen, a female sex hormone. Over time, with regular use of the hop drink, female hormones begin to predominate. You can notice a beer lover on the figure. The deposition of fat occurs on the female type – at the waist, hips. The voice of the man also becomes higher. On the background of very rapidly developing obesity, erectile dysfunction, persistent impotence.


Physical activity

To establish a state of potency, you can use regular physical activity. This is especially true of those young people whose problem is related to psychological disorders. Sport gives confidence, improves health. Moderate, but regular loads restore hormone production, normalize general blood flow, increase immunity. Sport allows you to relax after a hard day’s work. So, athletes almost do not encounter problems of bad mood, insomnia, depression.

Men who want to improve the quality of their sex life are better to choose the most mobile sports: swimming, running, football, basketball. Eliminate stagnation in the pelvic area, reduce inflammation, help even simple squats, step on the spot, “birch”, “bicycle”. You need to do the exercises every day, especially those whose work is sedentary. As you can see, erectile dysfunction may be of a different nature. Therefore, treatment methods are also different. Therefore, in any case it is worth contacting a doctor. Only in this way therapy will pass quickly and effectively.



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