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In winter, electrifying hair causes many problems for women. It’s hard to comb them and it’s difficult to keep a nicely arranged hairstyle. Thick hats and frost are not conducive to the nice appearance of hair. However, proper care will help to tame them.

The problem of electrified hair grows in winter. Above all, there is a difference in temperature – there is frost outside and the rooms are heated. For this we wear a lot of woolen materials that exacerbate the effect of protruding hair. A winter affliction can spoil the mood of any woman.

Thanks to proper care, we are able to reduce the problem of electrifying hair or eliminate it completely. All you need to do is apply a few simple rules.

The right headgear
Some ladies are not wearing caps for fear of spoiling their hair. This is not a good idea because we chase the body then. A suitable headgear will not electrify our hair. You should choose those that are made of natural fibers, such as cotton. This artificial materials make our hair float up, not the cap itself.

Hair shampoo electrifying
A suitable shampoo will fill the structure of the electrifying, dry hair, sealing their unfolded scales. The best will be with the natural composition enriched with keratin, ceramides and oils. It is also worth using delicate cleansing shampoos, eg for children.

Washing and drying
Remember to rinse your hair with cold water after each bath, which will close the scales, smooth and prevent static electricity. Forget about drying your hair with a hot stream. If you use a straightener, curling iron or hair dryer, choose one that has an ionization function. It makes the hair stay natural and less static.

Cosmetics against frizz
On store shelves, we can find various types of preparations. The best will be moisturizers based on honey, aloe, argan oil or avocado. They will prevent the water from evaporating from the hair, creating a protective layer on them. To give volume to the hairstyle, it is worth using polishing supplements with polymers. Moisturizing is the most important thing. Apply a mask or oily hair at least once a week.


An important issue is also how we comb hair. Avoid plastic items for hair styling. They intensify electrification. The best are brushes with natural bristles or wooden combs with widely spaced teeth.

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