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Spring chondra, no mood, the weather is not happy? Learn how to overcome these unpleasant feelings quickly and efficiently.

Sneezing, pain in the eyes, swelling of the nose? Typical allergy symptoms do not have to make life difficult. Check how to survive the dusting period!

Snoring is an abnormal sound that accompanies breathing. It leads to sleep disorders and body hypoxia. Thus, it is impossible to achieve a healthy sleep. It can cause constant fatigue and also sleep deprivation even after a few hours of rest

The rotator cuff is a set of tendons that are responsible for the movement of the arms


One smoker on four shortens his life by 20 years and dies before the age of 65. Despite these disturbing results, smokers often downplay the dangers of cigarette addiction. Despite many warnings and anti-smoking campaigns, many people find it difficult to break free from the trap of addiction

Rumors that meldonium affects the potency are not unreasonable. Of course, we can not talk about the incredible effect, when a man can tirelessly have sex for a day without a break – this is virtually impossible due to the physiological characteristics of the person

A lot can be read about the pernicious consequences of sexual abstinence, they focus primarily on the assumption that a man who has not had sex for a long time will have a problem with returning to form, and may even be depressed. How is it really? Read about the pros and cons of sexual abstinence

sexual abstinence

Sexual abstinence can be voluntary, but it can also be the result of health problems or misunderstandings arising in the relationship between two people. Read what sexual abstinence can do in men and women, find out if the effects of sexual abstinence can only be negative and what is the relationship between sexual abstinence


Androgenetic alopecia affects even every third man. This is the most common type of baldness, manifested by weakness and hair loss from the temple and forehead.

erectile dysfunction

One of the most common sexual problems of men in adulthood are erectile dysfunctions, ie problems with the appearance and maintenance of erection of a member and, as a result, also with the achievement of orgasm