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In winter, electrifying hair causes many problems for women. It’s hard to comb them and it’s difficult to keep a nicely arranged hairstyle. Thick hats and frost are not conducive to the nice appearance of hair. However, proper care will help to tame them

It is unlikely that someone will argue with the statement that eyebrows play an important role and how carefully they are formed will depend on your image as a whole. We decided to create a cheat sheet and tell you exactly what you should not do with eyebrows, if you always want to look perfect

Winter, it is not a merciful time for our skin. Low temperatures, no sun and staying in heated rooms, are not conducive to its good condition. And it shows. Therefore, it is good to


Seductive smoky eyes, elegantly curled lines, discreet nude shadows – here are a few variants of classic makeup. But maybe it is worth risking more colors and shapes? Eyes should be the most important!