BMI Calculator

The body mass index is an indicator of the relationship between weight and height of a person. This parameter helps to determine deviations from normal body weight in one direction or another. Overweight is dangerous to human health, as it often leads to heart disease.

The online body mass index calculator allows you to quickly and accurately find out how much your weight figure corresponds to the norm. To calculate the body mass index, you need to choose your height and weight in the presented service.

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Body mass index has become particularly relevant in Western countries, where the problem with obesity has become quite acute. At the very beginning, the BMI calculation was developed for sociological research, therefore it is not entirely correct to make a medical diagnosis using these calculations.
However, the availability and ease of calculation made this calculator very popular with the public. If the index exceeds the number 30, then it is very likely talking about obesity.
You need to understand that the body mass index is not suitable for making a diagnosis, but it can help as a control in the process of testing a new fitness program or diet. The BMI calculator will determine the starting point and allow you to track changes in body weight.