Bitter chocolate – the queen of sweetness

Bitter chocolate is undoubtedly a very valuable delicacy due to its pro-health activities. It’s a great addition to coffee or alcohol, so you can buy it for a gift, for example for parents or grandparents.

Bitter chocolate – what is it?
Bitter chocolate is characterized by a strong, though not very sweet, taste and a very dark color. It is less popular than dairy and white types, but it is considered the healthiest, because it has the most nutritional value, and the least sugar. Bitter chocolate should contain more than 70 percent. cocoa (some types contain up to 90% cocoa). Good quality plates are smooth, have a shiny surface, and when breaking they make a characteristic crack. If they bend or crumble, they may have too little cocoa butter.

The milder type, with a slightly lower content of cocoa (from about 30 percent to 70 percent), is dessert chocolate, which also has a very dark color and is perfectly suited as an addition to coffee or tea. Dessert chocolate can be a great bitter substitute.

Bitter chocolate – impact on health
Bitter chocolate has a positive effect on both mental and physical health. Thanks to carbohydrates, magnesium and potassium, it adds energy, and thanks to, for example, pyrazine stimulates the brain to work and makes it easier for us to concentrate during work or study.
Bitter chocolate, thanks to the content of flavonoids and polyphenols, helps strengthen the heart, lowering blood pressure and preventing blood clots, and positively affects the skin, protecting it from harmful UV radiation. Bitter chocolate also contains theobromine, which in turn stimulates the kidneys and thus gently cleanses the urinary tract, and also helps to relieve cough.
Bitter chocolate – how much to eat?
Bitter chocolate should not be eaten in excessive amounts, because it is a quite caloric delicacy (the energy value of 100 g of dark chocolate with a content of 70% of cocoa is 566 kcal). It’s enough to have one or two cubes after a hearty dinner.

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