7 terrible things you do with your

It is unlikely that someone will argue with the statement that eyebrows play an important role and how carefully they are formed will depend on your image as a whole. We decided to create a cheat sheet and tell you exactly what you should not do with eyebrows, if you always want to look perfect.

Use dye designed for hair
Despite the fact that hair dye is much cheaper than special products, experts still do not recommend using it for coloring eyebrows. Firstly, it can negatively affect the condition of the hairs, and secondly, it can cause a strong allergic reaction.

Apply foundation to eyebrows
Experts do not recommend applying foundation to the eyebrow, otherwise you can clog the pores, provoke irritation, redness or slow hair growth (especially important for those who grow eyebrows, wanting to change shape).

Save on tweezers or remove hairs against growth
Poor tweezers can break, ruin hairs or contribute to their ingrowth. Therefore, do not save on your own beauty and health and do not choose models in the budget store. As for hair removal against growth, this can also lead to their ingrowth and deformation.

Achieve perfect shape with a stencil
In fact, very few people manage to get excellent results using eyebrow stencils. In most cases, such “drawings” look so unnatural and ridiculous that they make you laugh in the eyes of others.

Do not use cosmetics
Do not completely abandon the use of cosmetics, because, say, using a transparent gel, you can gently style your hair, with a pencil you can draw the perfect shape, and with shadows you can blur the gaps and achieve perfect symmetry.

Clearly draw lines, achieving the effect of tattoo
If you, after drawing the eyebrows, forget to walk on them with a brush-brush, then be prepared for the fact that others will tactfully hint you that your eyebrows are unnatural. Experts advise to leave clear lines only at the tips of the eyebrows, and the rest should be well shaded to achieve maximum naturalness.

Refuse the services of a master
Of course, no one knows you (your tastes and preferences) better than you, but this does not apply to eyebrows. How well you would not do it on your girlfriends, believe that when you begin to do the same manipulations with yourself, there is a chance to spoil the shape or achieve complete asymmetry. Therefore, to start, contact the master and with him select the form that suits you. And then you can already carefully adjust it yourself.

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