10 best ways How to deal with insomnia?

Sleep disturbance leads not only to bad mood and constant yawning reflexes throughout the day, but also to a general deterioration in health. Therefore, this disease must be fought. It is possible to correct this situation with the help of medicines, with folk remedies, or with the help of the usual adjustment of the day regimen.

General tips

Create a relaxing atmosphere for a night of rest.
Pick up soft-touch bedding.
Turn on soothing music, such as the sounds of nature.
Do not abuse invigorating drinks before bedtime.
Try not to sleep in the daytime.
Observe the normal daily routine.

Pills for insomnia: rating of sleeping drugs

Choosing medicines for good sleep, you need to get used to them and they are released without a prescription.

The use of hypnotic drugs is possible under the conditions that:

Insomnia lasts for 4 weeks or more;
Insomnia is caused by psychopathic and neurotic changes;
Sleep disorder has arisen on the basis of autonomic dysfunction and pathologies of the nervous system;
Violation of the night rest occurred due to high irritability, stress or tension.
In the case of permanent insomnia, you should contact a specialist or a general practitioner who can also advise the necessary drug.

And we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the rating of sleeping pills by groups:

Hypnotics without addiction and 100% working:

Depression is associated with insomnia:
Improve sleep and enhances mood:
L-Tryptophan improves sleep and enhances mood.


10 best ways

Sometimes, to sleep was deep and calm, you just need to change the situation. Perhaps the bedroom is too bright wallpaper that irritates the nervous system. And sometimes drastic measures are not required. Ways to have a good sleep:

 – Look at bedtime for a romantic comedy with a happy ending.
– Lie on the bed, close your eyes and count the sheep that jump over the fence.
– Ventilate the room before going to bed.
– Take a walk in the fresh air for the next dream.
– Take a bath with aromatherapy oils of lemon balm, sage, lavender or bergamot.
– Think of something or someone nice for you.
– Ask your partner for a relaxing massage.
– Have a relaxing sex.
– Try changing your sleeping position to a more comfortable one for you.
– Start practicing relaxing yoga poses.

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